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Who are we?

We're your one-stop-shop for all things medicine and all things Pakistan. A platform that connects students to doctors, students to students and doctors to doctors.

We created PAMSA because we recognised the contribution made by our community in healthcare and the impact this can have if we work together. Whilst there are many organisations catered to doctors of Pakistani/South Asian origin, there are very few that include medical students. Oh and, we do things differently.

We're a platform.

We do it all online. No hour-long events on how to study for med school. No cardiology tutorials to add on top of the myriad of teaching provided by other organisations. In the digital era where we're all busier than ever - it's time we created a platform for you.

What do we do?

Facilitate our #PAMSAmentorship programme: a 4 month learning process for medical students interested in a particular field of medicine

Bring people together: check out our community page to find out more about who's in your deanery

Curate academic blog posts for you to check in your own time, whenever you want and wherever you want. All the key information you need in one place.

Showcase a range of CV building opportunities for both medical students and doctors [Coming Soon]

Get started today.

1) Visit our platform

2) Tell us whether you're a doctor or a medical student

3) Meet people and stumble upon opportunities


PAMSA how-tos

Here you'll find selection of blog posts and useful articles for you to scroll through.

We felt there was just too much information out there, put out by hundreds of student organisations. It's tiring prioritising which events to go to, and even more tiring making sure you've noted down all the key information.

Our blog posts aim to myth bust and centralise all the key information you need to make your CV stand out.

PAMSA how-tos

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