Mentorship-Enrichment Scheme

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A chance to partake in national-level teaching whilst being a mentor

A major focus for PAMSA is to connect students and doctors with the ultimate goal being to prepare individuals for their future career path. As a mentor your insight and knowledge is invaluable to the mentees. Drawing on your years of experience will enable our mentees to gain skills needed to succeed and flourish.

For the medical student mentees, this scheme provides a precious opportunity for you to gain an edge, learning directly from individuals who have experience dealing with the challenges you currently face.

After an initial roll-out over the past year we have tinkered with our mentorship scheme to provide more value for the mentors through incorporating teaching within the session so that it counts towards ‘experience in teaching’ points on applications for training posts.

How does it work?

  1. After you apply to be a mentor the committee will create an advertisement for your mentorship group, on our website, that mentees with the same specialty interests as you can apply to be a part of.
  2. From these applicants, mentors will be allocated a small group of mentees (from around 5-15). They will automatically be joining a Whatsapp group which we will create, in order to plan the sessions.
  3. After the initial ‘ice breaker’ meeting, you will be expected to meet a minimum of 6 times over the next 16 weeks - meeting requirements for teaching on the various specialty portfolios.
  4. At least one of 6 tutorials will be focussing on career pathways with at least one other on evidence-based medicine (EBM). However, the exact content of any tutorial is entirely up to the mentor and we suggest our mentors work with their mentees to identify areas of particular importance to them to create a mentorship plan that works for all involved. We do provide a few suggested lesson plans that may help mentors plan their sessions.

If you’d like to use PAMSA as a platform for any other national course or teaching - download the document here and return it to us at

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